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Need to leave on a business trip, holiday or you can't take care of your dog and nobody can replace you?

We offer you whole year accommodation for your dog in our large covered kennels. Every kennel is windproofed and highly insulated. We provide regular walking several times a day. 

The Boarding Kennel is located at our family house with a garden, which enables whole day run and includes whole day control. We walk the dogs in a nearby wood and in summer your dog could swim in nearby clear pond. 

We feed your dog according to your instructions, we don't want to change the dog's eating habits. We recomend you to bring your own petfood to prevent indigestion. In case you don't provide your own petfood we feed dogs with granulas  "Happy Dog".

We accept only healthy dogs with valid vaccinaton against rabies and infection deseases.

By the arrival the owner hands over the certificate of vacctination. The vaccination not younger then 30 days and not older then 1 year


What the dog needs:
        the certificate of vaccination
        drugs in case the dog needs some
        possibly a muzzle

What more to take?
         its place or quilt which the dog is used to
         favourite toy 
         something good to eat

Our capacity is restricted, please make your reservation in time. Our telephone number is:

Hanka Koptová
Sluhy 90
250 63  p. Mratín
district Praha - východ

Phone: +420 608 832 996

see a few photos of our satisfied clients


Look forward to welcome you in our Boarding Kennel and hope you come back happily :o))))